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Time to Repair Water Damage for iPhone 4S
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Those who have owned or currently own a smartphone or tablet have probably dealt with water damage at some point. Whether your purse was wide open while it was raining and your iPhone got soaked, or you were carrying it along with a glass of water and the water submerged it, you recognize that water damage is problematic and frustrating to deal with. As a matter of fact, it can cause an electrical shortage and completely destroy your iPhone for good. If you know the proper steps to take, you can literally save your smartphone. Here is some advice regarding iPhone 4S water damage repair from our experts:

  • Shut off the iPhone immediately after you notice it is wet. This is what can really save its life and allow it to function again correctly.
  • The dry rice method has been known to be effective, for some. The dry rice will help draw the moisture out of the smartphone, so go ahead and place it in a bowl.
  • Call our experts and come in as quickly as you can. We mention the other steps because we know that sometimes it is not feasible to get to us right away. Regardless, we do want to help you and hope that you are able to save your iPhone with our advice and assistance.

Customers who bring their iPhone 4S back to their provider with water damage will be told things like, “We don’t fix water damage” or “You need to buy a new iPhone.” The carrier will question if you have insurance, Apple Care or are under warranty. This is a hassle that you won’t have to deal with if you come to us. We can tell immediately that you have water damage because there are components such as stickers in parts of the iPhone. They’ll indicate right away that there is damage. However, we will happily provide iPhone 4S water damage repair in Manhattan for an affordable price that beats out other third party repair shops. The amount of time it takes our team to do the job will be related to the magnitude of the damage. You can expect a solution you are happy with, either way.

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Manhattan iPhone Repair Manhattan iPhone Repair Manhattan iPhone Repair Manhattan iPhone Repair Manhattan iPhone Repair

Manhattan iPhone Repair Manhattan iPhone Repair Manhattan iPhone Repair Manhattan iPhone Repair Manhattan iPhone Repair