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Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement for iPhone 5C
in Under 10 Minutes

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iPhone 5C battery replacement


Manhattan iPhone Repair

Manhattan iPhone Repair Time to Repair
10 Minutes

Manhattan iPhone Repair Warranty
180 Day Warranty

Manhattan iPhone Repair Cost
$50 USD

The battery is an important part of the iPhone 5c, and it can fail to operate correctly for a couple of reasons. Consider these tips if you believe you need iPhone 5c battery replacement in Manhattan prior to coming to us for assistance:

  • The battery can seemingly drain fast due to various apps being open at the same time. Ensure that you are closing apps that you aren’t using. Perhaps you play Candy Crush every day, check the weather and set your alarm. Make sure that you close out of these so that they are not unnecessarily wasting your battery life.
  • The problem could be the charger. Try using a different charger if the one you have isn’t working. If you’ve already tried this and are still having charging problems, then bring in your device.
  • Turn off location services and Wi-Fi if they aren’t in use.

If you’ve already done these things and determined that the problem is likely the battery itself, then bring it on in so our experts can provide you with battery replacement. iPhone 5c users can expect that this task will take roughly 10 minutes to complete. Customers tend to be shocked when they find out how fast we work, especially when they are told by their carrier to wait while the proper parts are ordered, or when they are told that the device has to be mailed in to be fixed. Forget waiting days for shipping time, and forget being turned away due to the right parts not being available. We know that the iPhone 5c is popular, and we know that users sometimes have issues with the battery, so we have a full stock of the appropriate replacement parts.

You can feel free to make an appointment with us if you have a set time that works for you. Of course, we always invite walk-ins to come by, because we know that sometimes your schedule offers just a bit of spontaneity. iPhone 5c battery replacement is a clear-cut task and our professionals know what they are doing. Trust in our third party repair experts!

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You charged it before you went out, so you get extremely frustrated. You just missed out on a photo opportunity because of a problem that is easy to fix. Here are some ways to determine if you need battery replacement, or if there are simple steps you are neglecting to take:

  • Check to see if you frequently close out of apps. Apps tend to drain the battery quickly, and often times you don’t even realize they are running. Close out of them by double clicking your home button and swiping up when the app appears.
  • Make sure your GPS isn’t continuously running if you don’t need it to be.
  • Try not to download stuff too much, as it uses up battery power.

If you think that you’ve taken all appropriate steps to determine that the battery itself is the actual cause for concern, then know that our experts can assist you. In just minutes, you’ll have a fully functional battery replacement for the iPhone 5. Our prices are cheap but our service is phenomenal. We have the needed parts in stock to get started right away.

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