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Cracked Screen Repair / Replacement

Screen replacements for the iPhone 6
takes no longer than 15 minutes.

Why Choose Us?
Manhattan iPhone Repair
Cracked Screen
We take your cracked phone and make it brand new again!
Manhattan iPhone Repair
Repairs in
At Manhattan iPhone Repair we do most repairs within 20 minutes or less.
Manhattan iPhone Repair
We have best prices in NYC with great quality work.
Manhattan iPhone Repair
Repairs With
180 Day Warranty
We use best quality parts so we provide 180 day warranty on all our repairs.

iPhone 6 Cracked Screen Repair / Replacement 

Manhattan iPhone Repair

Manhattan iPhone Repair Time to Repair
15 Minutes

Manhattan iPhone Repair Warranty
180 Day Warranty

Manhattan iPhone Repair Cost
$59 USD

There are many things that can set you back for the day and act as a frustration – you might step outside for a nice lunch only to realize it is down pouring; or perhaps you get to the grocery store and realize you left your wallet at home – one of the things that falls into this exasperating category is a cracked iPhone 6 screen. What are you supposed to do if you go to send a message to remind your friend to meet you at a certain time, but then realize that the screen is broken so you can’t do anything? What if you need to call home, but can’t because there is broken glass everywhere? In these cases, you need iPhone 6 cracked screen repair, and we are here to provide it. Manhattan area residents or visitors can stop by our shop – we do all repairs on the same day, and most take us just a matter of minutes.

Call today to schedule an appointment, or just stop in.

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A cracked screen isn’t just cracked glass, in most cases. Sometimes, it means that the digitizer and LCD are broken as well. Regardless of how serious the damage is, it’s always important to have a professional take care of it for you. Why?

  • Because if you order the parts online yourself, you might not even buy the correct ones. It takes an expert to diagnose the seriousness of the damage. So, ordering parts to do it yourself might end up costing you more because you buy the wrong parts.
  • The job isn’t easy. It’s very complex and requires specialized tools. A professional will have these tools.
  • A professional, like our third party repair shop, will have the parts already in stock. This saves you the wait time you’d have to deal with if you ordered them yourself.
  • A professional should back up their results. If you have the job done with us, we can assure you that it will be done correctly.
  • It’s dangerous. You can cut your fingers doing the job, especially if you don’t have the right tools on you.

It’s easy to see that this is a job best left to professionals. So if you need broken screen replacement for the iPhone 6, turn to our team of experts in Manhattan.

When should you have your screen looked at?

  • If there is even a tiny crack in the corner, you need to have a pro look at it. This crack can easily become larger.
  • If the screen isn’t always responsive to your touch. It is a touch screen after all, and it should always respond when you run your finger over it.
  • If the screen has changed in any way, from dead pixels to being all one color, it is important to have a professional look at it.

These are all signs that point in the direction of the need for iPhone 6 screen replacement. If you would like to find out more about this service, simply give us a call. Remember we offer same day repairs and low prices for our customers.

We offer help and solutions for when you experience the iPhone 6 black screen of death. Visit our Midtown NYC location today and make sure to take advantage of our coupons.

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