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Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement for iPhone 6 Plus
in Under 10 Minutes

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We take your cracked phone and make it brand new again!
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At Manhattan iPhone Repair we do most repairs within 20 minutes or less.
Manhattan iPhone Repair
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We use best quality parts so we provide 180 day warranty on all our repairs.

Battery Replacement – iPhone 6 Plus


Manhattan iPhone Repair

Manhattan iPhone Repair Time to Repair
10 Minutes

Manhattan iPhone Repair Warranty
180 Day Warranty

Manhattan iPhone Repair Cost
$69 USD

A faulty iPhone 6 Plus battery can easily be replaced by our well-equipped professionals.

You don’t always need to replace your phone if something is damaged –iPhone 6 Plus battery replacements are quite feasible. Leave your phone with us, and we will replace its battery in no time.

There many obvious signs of battery damage. A significant loss of battery life is the most obvious. The battery quickly losing its charge, or simply not charging at all, and your phone shutting off unexpectedly are some of the main issues to look out for. 

Battery swelling is an issue which needs to be tended to as soon as possible. A swollen battery can be quite dangerous, and is likely to impair your device if not taken care of immediately. A swollen battery is easily spotted by changes in size at the back of your iPhone 6 Plus – if it looks like it has expanded, you have a swollen battery.

Take note of what we offer:

  • Technical expertise on demand. No job is too big or too small for our highly trained technicians.
  • Straightforward solutions. Upselling is not on our agenda – fixing your device is. If you need a battery replacement, then that is what you will get.
  • Minimal waiting times. You’ll never have to wait for us to order special parts, as we keep a full stock of components in store.
  • Same day repairs. That’s right. We will fix it in just a few minutes. Go grab a cup of coffee while we work on your device, or just wait for it here.

You are welcome to come by any time for iPhone 6 Plus battery repair in NYC.

Call Us Today (646) 658-3126

We offer this service as well as many others, and we also offer same day results. So, you can come into our shop and wait while your device is fixed. Or, you can drop it off and take a walk around, enjoy the fresh air and grab a cup of coffee. We make things easy for you because we know that this will help us to grow as a business. How? Our customers recommend us to friends, neighbors, coworkers and family. If you need a hand, come to us. We are here for you!

Do you need iPhone 6 battery replacement?

  • If your iPhone will not stay charged for an unknown reason, it could be a battery issue.
  • If your iPhone doesn’t charge at all while plugged into the charger, it could be the battery.
  • If the battery drains fast, or if it is expanding (a sign of this is that the back of your smartphone seems to be growing in size), have it looked at by professionals.

If you would like to make an appointment for any of our services, give us a call. We specialize in battery repair for the iPhone 6. Manhattan locals can call anytime or stop in!

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