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iPhone 7 Charging Port Repair in NYC


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If you have tried to charge your iPhone 7, but you are experiencing problems, you may think that it is a problem with the battery, but it is likely a problem with the charging port. The charging port on your iPhone 7 is generally durable, but it can experience some problems along the way, especially if the charger was inserted incorrectly into it or if the charger was yanked from the port. A problem charging port can lead to failed charging of your iPhone 7.

One of the first indications that there may be a problem is if you notice that the charger is read within the phone and then it says it is disconnected. This can happen numerous times. Some other common warning signs include:

  • Your phone will not charge at all, even when the charger is plugged in
  • Your phone charges intermittently
  • Your phone is not recognized when plugged into your computer
  • You have to move the charger around for the phone to realize the charger is plugged in

Manhattan iPhone Repair is ready to provide you with the iPhone 7 charging port repair you need to ensure your phone holds and keeps a charge. If you are out and about, you need to know that your phone is able to be charged on the go and at home. You never know when an emergency may arise and a dead phone is not a helpful phone.

Same Day iPhone 7 Charging Port Repairs in New York

If you are in need of iPhone 7 charging port repair in Manhattan, NY or any of the surrounding areas, we are here for you. We strive to offer all charging port repairs the SAME day, so that we can return your phone back to you as quickly as we can.

Some of the iPhone 7 repairs we offer in our shop include:

  • Lightning port repairs
  • Charging chip on the motherboard repairs and replacement
  • Charger port repairs
  • And more!

When you bring your phone into the experts at Manhattan iPhone Repair, we will look over both the charging port and the battery to determine where the problem lies. Once we know what is wrong with it, we will begin repairs immediately.

Other benefits of working with us include:

  • Parts and labor warranties
  • Experienced technicians who have worked with iPhone 7 smartphones since they were released
  • Amazing customer support and hundreds of stellar reviews from past customers
  • Speedy repair services and comprehensive tests to ensure the iPhone works like new

There is absolutely no reason to struggle with a broken charger port on your iPhone 7. Not with our affordable rates and extensive experience! All you have to do is give us a call and schedule an appointment. We are ready to help you as soon as possible!

If you are in need of iPhone 7 charging port repairs, call us today at 646-658-3126. We also welcome you to come visit us at 224 West 35 Street in New York, NY. 

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