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Manhattan iPhone Repair - FAQs

Manhattan iPhone Repair

Q1. Do you replace just the glass on my device or the whole front

We replace the entire front panel of your device. Unlike some companies that will sit there for about an hour and pick pieces of your glass off of your touch screen and put unnecessary heat on your phone, we let our cost be a little higher to make sure your screen does not have any dust particles, or scratches or lines. We take pride in our work and no offense but we never want you to come back unless you break it again.

Manhattan iPhone Repair

Q2. Why shouldn't I just get my phone fixed by someone on craigslist
and save some money?

  • Although we cannot answer this questions for every device you will call us about here are some reasons we prefer you come to a certified technician and not "some guy on craigslist".
  • First off, every iPhone has a proximity sensor, which allows the phone to shut off the screen while the phone is placed by your ear during a phone call.
  • This can be broken very easily and is hard to replace so we make sure the repair is done with caution to keep this part safe to prevent you from hanging up on those important phone calls by mistake.
  • Second, there are many wires in the back of the phone that are fragile when bent in the wrong way.
  • At Manhattan iPhone Repair we make sure to be very careful with these wires so that there are no connectivity issues in the future.
  • Last but not least, the picture on our LCD looks amazing.
  • If you go to the guy on the corner of your block, they are most likely using parts that are low cost, cheap quality, and will not last.
  • In addition, if you compare the colors and touch sensitivity with the quality LCD you will be receiving from us, we can guarantee you will not tell the difference between our LCD and the one originally on your phone.

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Manhattan iPhone Repair

Q3. I heard I could trade in my phone to apple. Why should I come
repair it?

  • In these days economy, everyone is trying to save a few extra bucks. When going to apple, they will usually swap out your phone for about $100 or even more. If you stop into Manhattan iPhone Repair you will see our prices are almost half of what apple charges for any type of repair.
  • Another reason we can provide for you is that you can save a lot of time by repairing it.
  • First, you don’t lose any information when you repair your phone, compared to an Apple swap where you would have to back up your information and restore it on the new device which usually take about 40 minutes depending on the load of information on your phone. With Manhattan iPhone Repair, all the information on your device is kept there!
  • Second, Apple does not provide you with a brand new phone, rather they provide you with a second hand refurbished unit with where some of the parts inside can be used before,
Manhattan iPhone Repair

Q4. What if I fix my screen with you and I have issues after? Did I just lose
all the money I spent?

Depending on the issue you are probably covered under our 180 day customer satisfaction warranty. This warranty covers the replacement part for up to 180 days. If you break the device again or there is visible wear and tear to the device or part we replaced it will not be covered; however, if you change a screen with us or any other part and are not completely satisfied with it, come in and let us know. We will take care of you!

Manhattan iPhone Repair

Q5. How do I know if you have an actual trained technician and not
“some guy” just working on my precious device?

Here at Manhattan iPhone Repair we know how important your phone or tablet is and how nerve wracking it can be to think about it on the operating table. All of our repairs are done in front of the customer. If you really feel the need to sit down next to one of our guys and watch them pick apart the phone or tablet from the second they start to the moment they finish. We are confident in our employees and our work. We have nothing to hide!

Manhattan iPhone Repair

Q6. When you repair my device, do I lose all my information?

Although we do encourage every customer to back up his or her device before the repair, we have not had a problem where data is lost during the repair. Since we are only changing the component that is damaged, there is a very low risk of data loss during the repair.

Manhattan iPhone Repair Manhattan iPhone Repair

Q7. How long does a repair usually take?

Most iPhone repairs take under 10-20 minutes to complete. We ready our screens before customers walk in to expedite the process and time it takes for the repair to be completed. This does not mean we are rushing the repair and may make a mistake. It simply means we ready the part for installation for most common repairs prior to the customer coming in. As for iPad’s, since they are held together with adhesive rather than screws, the repairs generally take about 45 minutes to an hour. We do our best to keep all parts in stock to have your device back to you the same day whether it has a cracked screen or damaged charger port.

Manhattan iPhone Repair

Q8. Is there a warranty with your repair service?

Of course! We stand behind every repair we complete. As long as there is no damage on the part replaced and a copy of your receipt is present, we cover all our work. This means if your screen is not working right after a screen replacement, bring it in and have us fix it again for free within our warranty period.

Manhattan iPhone Repair

Q9. How much is it to fix a water damage phone?

Water damage can get a little tricky to give an exact price. Before we change any parts, we have to leave the components of your device in a machine, which cleans the rust and corrosion off of the motherboard (the main brain of the phone). Once we get all the rust off the device and it is safe to test, we start to test all the components. Once we figure out what parts need to be replaced, we can give you a call and give you an exact price quote and turn around time for repair. You can then decide if you would like to move forward or leave the phone as is.

Manhattan iPhone Repair

Q10. Can you fix the iPhone 6 screen even though it is curved?

Yes, the fact that the glass is curved actually has nothing to do with the repair process. We can still change the screens in a matter of minutes with another curved screen without a problem.

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Manhattan iPhone Repair Manhattan iPhone Repair Manhattan iPhone Repair Manhattan iPhone Repair Manhattan iPhone Repair

Manhattan iPhone Repair Manhattan iPhone Repair Manhattan iPhone Repair Manhattan iPhone Repair Manhattan iPhone Repair