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Back Camera Glass Replacement 

Back Camera Glass replacements for the Samsung
Galaxy S6 takes no longer than 10 minutes.

Why Choose Us?
Manhattan iPhone Repair
Cracked Screen
We take your cracked phone and make it brand new again!
Manhattan iPhone Repair
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At Manhattan iPhone Repair we do most repairs within 20 minutes or less.
Manhattan iPhone Repair
We have best prices in NYC with great quality work.
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180 Day Warranty
We use best quality parts so we provide 180 day warranty on all our repairs.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Back Camera Glass Replacement


Manhattan iPhone Repair

Manhattan iPhone Repair Time to Repair
10 Minutes

Manhattan iPhone Repair Warranty
180 Day Warranty

Manhattan iPhone Repair Cost
$49 USD

Need better pictures? Get better service when you have a broken Galaxy S6 back camera.

Your Samsung Galaxy S6 is simply not the same with broken back camera glass. The shattered glass means you’re not able to take quality pictures with your phone. We want to make sure our customers’ back camera troubles are dealt with accordingly. That’s why we offer NYC locals Samsung Galaxy S6 back camera glass replacement services.

Our skillful technicians can fix all your back camera problems the same day you come to us. It takes a sharp, professional, eye to diagnose damage and identify ways to take care of it. That is definitely something our team can do with high precision. Just show us your Galaxy S6 and we will be happy to explain exactly what needs to be done.  

Back camera glass replacement is a complex task. This is why we offer our services. Trying to fix things on your own could mean not taking the adequate steps, not using the right tools, or even ordering the wrong parts for the job. This could easily cause more damage to your Galaxy S6 back camera.

Why choose us?

  • Our professionals have done back camera glass replacements so many times, they can tell you the exact tools and components they need to use for specific repairs. Needless to say, a qualified professional can save you from greater problems.
  • At our shop, you’ll never have to wait for us to order back camera glass parts. We have in stock a full inventory of all the bits and pieces needed for repairs – specialized back camera parts, tools, glass components, and much more. This saves you from long waits for back camera repairs.
  • Having all these components means we can do your back camera glass replacements very quickly.

All you have to do is come visit us with your Galaxy S6, leave it with us, and we will fix it right away. Same day back camera glass repairs is our Manhattan location’s strongest selling point. Need any proof? Come by with your phone, and watch our technicians fix it. Our back camera repairs for the Galaxy S6 are really that quick.
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