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Cracked Screen Repair / Replacement 

Screen replacements for the Note 3 takes
no longer than 1 - 1.5 Hours

Why Choose Us?
Manhattan iPhone Repair
Cracked Screen
We take your cracked phone and make it brand new again!
Manhattan iPhone Repair
Repairs in
At Manhattan iPhone Repair we do most repairs within 20 minutes or less.
Manhattan iPhone Repair
We have best prices in NYC with great quality work.
Manhattan iPhone Repair
Repairs With
180 Day Warranty
We use best quality parts so we provide 180 day warranty on all our repairs.

Galaxy Note 3 screen replacement


Manhattan iPhone Repair

Manhattan iPhone Repair Time to Repair
1 - 1.5 Hours

Manhattan iPhone Repair Warranty
180 Day Warranty

Manhattan iPhone Repair Cost
$99 USD

It just happened so quickly with one drop and that was it, the screen on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is cracked. If this sounds like a familiar scenario to you then we’re here to tell you that you’re not the only one. Your device while technologically advanced, is very fragile and it won’t take much to damage it. Thankfully we at Manhattan iPhone Repair have the expertise necessary to help you replace your cracked screen.

Scratches can occur over prolonged use and if you do not have a screen protector over your Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s OLED screen. This is inevitable and with more and more impact or trauma that it receives, the higher the chances of it being damaged further. Obviously you won’t get much enjoyment out of using a phone with a broken screen which is why we can lend a helping hand.

When you detect a crack or a broken screen, always take proactive action immediately by sending it to us for repairs. Not only will a complete replacement help to prevent the phone from being damaged any further, the entire process will only take up one hour of your time.

We at Manhattan iPhone Repair in New York can offer you the best value for your time and money as we very experienced in this field.

  • Phones with water damage
    It is always a bad idea to take your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to the pool because you risk getting water splashing on to the device. Once that happens, the water immediately seeps into the phone and the resulting damage can become evident quite rapidly. Accidents can also happen and you find yourself staring in dismay at our beautiful phone sinking to the bottom of the toilet. We have revived phones with water damages before and we can do the same for yours.
  • Phones are ensured maximum compatibility with our replacement parts
    We strictly use OEM quality parts for replacement as they are of the best quality and are guaranteed to be compatible with your Samsung Galaxy Note 3. You can practically expect your phone to be back in your hand almost brand new.

No matter what the cause of the damage to your LCD screen is, the fact remains that we are more than capable of repairing and replacing your screen for you. In fact, all you need to do is call us at (646) 658-3126 for further information or to arrange for repairs for your screen today.

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