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  • I was walking down the street in NYC on 37th street and just had so much going on in my hands that I dropped everything. Among the “everything” was my iPad 4. My iPad was face flat on the cold hard floors of Manhattan. When I picked it up I saw the terrible damage that was done to the glass. The glass was completely broken. I searched online and New York iPhone was the best price and the best location to go to.
  • New York City has many shops. All of which who are competing. However, there is one shop that is noteworthy and that is Manhattan iPhone Repair. They replaced my cracked glass on my iPhone 4S at such a low cost with nice parts and it only took a few short minutes. Their office is very nice and comfortable and they had me out the door back onto the streets of New York within minutes.
  • I needed to repair my iPhone 5 in Manhattan the other day. I thought it would be a disaster finding the right place to do it for me. However, after searching a few places, I found MIR and they gave me the best price and fastest repair time out of all the other places in the area. It was at a convenient location (just one block away from penn station) and a very nice office as well for New York. THANK YOU MIR!!!
  • If you are looking for a repair shop in the city for your iPhone to be repaired, Manhattan iPhone Repair is the place to go to. They have the coolest office and the nicest people there. They explain everything before they start the job and if they think there will be any additional fees because of the amount of damage. VERY HONEST PEOPLE for a repair shop in NYC.
  • Yesterday I was walking with my boyfriend in Manhattan and he bumped into me causing me to drop all my things. I needed to find a place to fix my iPhone and a place to fix it fast. So I looked around and shopped around and found the flyer guy for this repair shop. Turned out they are really good at what they do and are quick and cheap as well.
  • Search no more! This is the place to get your electronics work done. Manhattan iPhone Repair is the best shop in the city to get your iPhone fixed. I had my iPhone done in 20 minutes and it looked GORGEOUS. GOOD AS NEW! Call them up. They are really nice people and they’re only a block away from penn station in NYC.
  • These guys have a great service in tact where they pick up and drop off your device for you for a small fee depending on where you are located. They will literally send someone anywhere in NYC to pickup your iPhone 5, fix it for you and drop it off once it is done. Some repairs they can even do at your New York location in front of you. Its really cool!
  • I thought I would be without my phone for a week. When I called a bunch of shops in the area in midtown, they all say they would get me back my phone by the end of the day. Manhattan iPhone Repair came through and got me my phone back within 20 minutes. All people who need their phones stuck to their hand should come here in NYC. AND ITS CHEAP TOO!
  • Dropped my iPhone 5 on the cold hard city streets in NYC and realized it was completely shattered. The LCD and Digitizer (both words they taught me : )) were broken completely and they had me all fixed up within minutes. Very helpful crew of workers in NYC. Get your iPhone repaired here!
  • iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3, Macbook Pro, these guys fix it all. I got all my apple products repaired at the same time and all were ready within the same day. Never thought a repair shop located in midtown Manhattan would be able to get me back my products so fast.
  • I wanted to get my iPhone fixed the other day and kept looking around to find the cheapest price. I looked around my home area to see if I could find a cheaper rate because their overhead is lower, and these guys in the heart of the city just a block from penn station had a lower price than my local shop. I dropped off my phone and by the time I got my coffee, it was ready for pickup. Really a great place to go!
  • iPhone repairs are getting popular these days. Why pay so much to apple, when you can just repair it at a local shop and keep all your info on the phone and have it back within 20 minutes? If you have any problems with your iPhone in the midtown NYC area, go to manhattan iphone repair. They’re really nice and helpful. Great prices too!
  • Manhattan iPhone Repair is really the place to go if you are looking to get your phone fixed in midtown. They are conveniently one block away from penn station and have the hardest working staff. I walked in their last week after dropping my phone on 35th street and the manager there was very helpful in explaining the process of replacing my phone screen. They had me out within a few minutes. It was great!
  • Don’t go to apple or your carrier for this one. They will charge you up the toosh for an iPhone or iPad repair. Get it replaced by these guys and let all your information be safe on the device. They’re conveniently located a block from penn station and are very accurate when they tell you what time your phone will be ready in their midtown location.
  • Need and iPhone repair in NYC? Go to these guys 100%. They’re fast, cheap, and have great quality stuff.

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Manhattan iPhone Repair The fix for a bent IPhone 6 Plus may be to simply bend it back into shape.
That’s the advice being given by a repair company following reports that Apple Inc.’s new big-screen smartphones are prone to taking on a slight curve after sitting on them or being forcefully bent. Read more...

Manhattan iPhone Repair

Manhattan iPhone RepairFor 19-year-old Joe Natan, entrepreneurship had humble beginnings in the hallways of Great Neck North High School, where a broken iPhone and hours of trial and error led to a business fixing smartphones for friends and classmates.

Now Natan’s repair shop, Manhattan iPhone Repair, has opened a midtown Manhattan office, where boxes of iPhone Read more...

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Manhattan iPhone Repair Manhattan iPhone Repair Manhattan iPhone Repair Manhattan iPhone Repair Manhattan iPhone Repair

Manhattan iPhone Repair Manhattan iPhone Repair Manhattan iPhone Repair Manhattan iPhone Repair Manhattan iPhone Repair